Mail Art Open Call

Well, we received about 200 unique and beautiful submissions- thank you so much! At the moment, we are preparing the intercultural workshops that will take place in Hamm in September. All artworks that will be produced in the workshops will also be shown at the exhibition at the end of the year (the date is yet to be fixed). - Just look at our online gallery and find so many really great mail - artworks there!

Sources of strength - we live in a rather broken world, characterized by environmental destruction and extinction of species, climatic catastrophes and war conflicts, not to mention the personal and work-related problems that many people have to deal with.           

So we are asking: Wherefrom do you get the strength to go through life despite all this? What brings you joy, what creates hope and confidence, what puts a smile on your face, what brightens your heart? Whether it is friends or family, art or music, religion or philosophy, sports or meditation, whether it is the smile of your neighbor or the chirping of birds in the morning - whatever makes you strong and powerful, let us know!

We want to focus on the positive and empowering aspects of life as we need them to survive in this world. 

We are curious and looking forward to receive your answer!

postcard, maximum 14.8 × 21 cm / 5.8 x 8.3" inches

technique of your choice

Please write your name plus address and email on the back, you will get a reply.


All submitted works will be digitalized and presented online on the project website, yet an exhibition will take place at the Stadtteilzentrum Weststadt in Hamm/Germany in fall/winter 2023.


DEADLINE: 31.08.2023


submit your works to:

Mone Hartman

"Mail Art"

Lange Str. 66

D-59067 Hamm / Germany


This project is curated by the german artists Mone Hartman and Antje Peters

and is kindly sponsored by the City of Hamm, department of culture.

In the context of this project, INTERCULTURAL WORKSHOPS will be held in Hamm during autumn 2023. 

This project is friendly supportet by Stadt Hamm, Kulturbüro.